Thiruvananthapuram Corporation Pass Administration Report, Financial Statements



A Thiruvananthapuram City Society Council meeting on Wednesday adopted the annual administrative report for 2019-2020 and the annual financial statements for 2020-2021, after more than two hours of intense debate.

Mayor Arya Rajendran said changes, if necessary, would be made to the financial statements, based on certain discrepancies, as some of the opposition advisers pointed out.

The reports were presented to council for discussion in accordance with requests raised by opposition councilors at a previous council meeting. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) advisers Anilkumar and Karamana Ajith alleged that there were discrepancies in the number of vehicles owned by the company, according to the administrative report and in responses to questions from RTI.

Some vehicles were reported as missing in the administrative report. The advisers demanded that the Corporation file a complaint with the police and take action against the officials responsible for dereliction of duty. Standing committee chairman Dr Anil said he revealed the issue of missing vehicles at a previous council meeting and therefore BJP advisers should refrain from presenting it as their conclusion.

Ms Rajendran said a search committee had been formed to determine which vehicles were actually missing. Some of the vehicles had been abandoned in various places, as they were previously used for decentralized waste collection, which was no longer the case. The possibility of reusing some of these vehicles would be explored. A complaint would only be lodged with the police for vehicles that have actually disappeared.

Housing projects

BJP adviser MR Gopan also questioned the figures regarding housing projects in the administrative report. He said hardly any houses had been completed as part of the LIFE project in the company. The chairman of the social protection committee, S. Salim, denied these allegations, saying that the state had also increased funding for PMAY housing projects, in line with LIFE projects, and therefore gave more funds to beneficiaries for construction. more homes than all other states.

Tax liability

During the discussion of the annual financial statements, BJP adviser P. Ashokkumar alleged that the report was riddled with errors. There was a significant tax debt of ₹ 200 crore in the report. Details of people or institutions that owed taxes were to be made public, he said.

The ₹ 55 crore deputy mayor was part of the unpaid tax amount that had been passed on over the years. However, the remainder of the amount included expected government funds for this fiscal year.



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