The sphere of asset protection

12 Mar

The activity carried out by us in the field of asset protection has as its objective the rationalization and protection of customer assets; in essence, the service offered by us aims to protect the natural person or the company and foreign banks and financial companies.

With regard to the financial assets, the investments underway are first assessed in terms of risk and the adequacy of the same in relation to the customer profile. In this context, sometimes the protection of the saver passes through appropriate judicial actions that must be taken against banks or financial companies that have sold to the customer financial products not appropriate to their risk profile or stipulated contracts with oppressive clauses or hidden costs and in violation of the law o of the regulations of Consob, the Bank of Italy or other supervisory bodies.

Still in the sphere of asset protection, the Firm is responsible for assessing the overall debt exposure of the customer in terms of sustainability in relation to its income capacity so as to prepare, if necessary, a debt restructuring plan, possibly, using the procedure for the settlement of the over-indebtedness crisis envisaged by the legislator for the so-called “non-fallible” subjects (physical and small entrepreneurs).

With regard to real estate assets, then, the Firm is particularly active in the overall management of assets through, in particular, the performance of technical and administrative activities aimed at increasing the maintenance level of individual properties and their profitability with the management of royalties. leasing, with particular attention to the direct management of leases and accounting and real estate taxation. In addition, where necessary, the judicial litigation for the protection of property rights is managed by the firm in the interest of the client always with a view to effectiveness, efficiency, and economy.

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