The biggest takeaways from Ubisoft’s first quarter financial report


There are several ways for developers to release updates for upcoming games and announce new titles. Sometimes this is done through joint or individual showcases, sometimes through large industry-wide events like E3, or sometimes just through press releases. Another way for gamers to find out more about games in development is through financial reports that help shed light on how things are going at a certain studio.

Ubisoft recently published its financial report for the first quarter of the year. As well as providing an update on the financial situation of its franchises, it provides crucial insight into how the development of a handful of major titles is going and the future of a number of Ubisoft games. Some news was a little disappointing for fans, but other updates were more intriguing.


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game delays

As is customary with big, ambitious games, Massive Entertainment and the highly anticipated Ubisoft Avatar: Pandora’s Frontiers has been delayed. The title has now been pushed back to the next fiscal year, meaning its release could take place anytime between 2023 and 2024, barring further delay. It’s a blow to some fans who were hoping to experience the immersive world of Pandora for themselves in a game that promises to be awesome next-gen, but the delay was already predicted by many given the lack of updates. or glimpses of the spoken- on title.

Another unnamed game has also been delayed, which was also originally scheduled for the 2022-23 fiscal year. As Avatar: Pandora’s Frontiers, this mysterious title will target the 2023-23 financial year instead, but Ubisoft has not revealed what it is. It was described as an “unannounced premium game”, which could point to one of the next Assassin’s Creed titles, but there is a chance that it could also be completely independent. Fans will have to wait to learn more and may have their questions answered in the coming months.

Assassin’s Creed Updates

The financial report unfortunately lacked a lot of detail Assassin’s Creed info, other than claims that the franchise is still doing very well. This is good news for fans looking forward to many more years of historical stealth content, because Assassin’s Creed continues to be a solid income for the developer. With plenty of rumors circulating about potential future projects for the series as well, gamers are eager to hear more about the inevitable games to come, and their wishes will be granted at the upcoming Ubisoft Forward on September 10.

Titles canceled

There was also bad news for players. Both VR exploded cell and Ghost Recon Frontline have been cancelled, which were first announced in 2020 and 2021 respectively. While most fans were thrilled to find out Burst cell in a VR format, there was an initial backlash to Ghost Recon Frontline as the current working title represented a significant departure from previous games in the franchise. Two other unannounced games have also been canceled, but these remain a complete mystery, and fans are unlikely to find out what they were anytime soon.

Continuous support

Ubisoft’s list of free titles like XDefiant, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Mobileand The heart of the division will continue to receive support and is still part of the developer’s future plans as it strives to build on the foundation it has created and eventually reach a wider audience. The recently announced Tom Clancy’s The Division: Resurgence the mobile game is still in development, and Mario+Rabbids: Sparks of Hope and skull bones are also on time for their respective release dates.

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