‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ author to buy this financial asset: ‘Time to open my mind’


Even as the stock market prepares to rally, a famous investor has changed his mind about investment options.

Author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” Robert Kiyosaki said, after listening to the author Harry Tooth, he buys two-year US Treasury bonds. Dent, who often predicts the direction of the stock market and the economy, suggested on his YouTube channel late last week that the market was on the verge of crashing.

The recent rebound is likely to go as far as a 50% retracement on the Nasdaq, Dent said, adding, “Now is the time for people who didn’t get out the first time to get out of stocks.”

Kiyosaki said he does not invest in Federal Reserve or Wall Street printouts, apparently referring to bonds and stocks.

“It’s time to OPEN my MIND,” ​​he said.

This is a volte-face from Kiyosaki, who said in late April that he saw the risk of a bond crash.

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T-notes are relatively safer investment bets, which are preferred options for investors in times of uncertainty and economic downturn, given that they are debt instruments, issued and guaranteed by the US government.

Kiyosaki also mentioned Jim Rickard, an investment banker and media commentator on finance and the precious month, who called for the biggest crash in history to occur on September 21, 2022.

Kiyosaki asked his Twitter followers to check out the two men.

The SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust TO SPY closed Tuesday’s session up 0.20% at $429.70, according to data from Benzinga Pro.

Photo: Courtesy of Gage Skidmore on flickr


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