Pyrum Innovations publishes its financial report


  • Newfoundland and Labrador Keep Tire Recycling Local

    Multi-Materials Stewardship Board Awards New Contract for Scrap Tire Management Services in NewfoundlandThe Honorable Bernard Davis, Newfoundland Minister of Environment and Climate Change, recently announced the award of a new contract to Halifax C&D Recycling which will provide an in-province recycling solution for scrap tires in Newfoundland and Labrador. He was joined by Derm Flynn, Chairman, Multi-Materials Stewardship Board and Bev Connell, Director of C&D Materials Operations, Halifax C&D Recycling…

  • Phoenix develops a new asphalt binder

    Phoenix develops a new asphalt binder

    Phoenix Industries has seen the successful completion of the first trial project with its pelletized rubber modified binder PelletPAVE. Approximately 150 tons of rubber modified hot mix asphalt mix was produced and placed in Pahrump, Nevada.PelletPAVE is a high rubber content concentrate additive which when mixed with a base paving oil such as a PG64 -22, produces a modified binder generally with properties equal to or better than a PG76 -22 modified with SBS polymers. Discover the complete tire and rubber recycling program…

  • Pyrum Innovations publishes its financial report

    Pyrum Innovations publishes its financial report

    Pyrum Innovations AG (“Pyrum”) has published its annual financial statements 2021 and, for the first time, consolidated financial statements for 2021. In the past financial year 2021, the Group achieved a total production of 3.7 million euros, an increase of 106% compared to the previous year (2020: 1.8 million euros). During the period under review, total production mainly consisted of capitalized own works of €2.8 million and sales, which increased to €0.9 million.Other operating income have also evolved very…

  • Shocking UK ELT export figures

    Shocking UK ELT export figures

    Figures obtained by Tire and Rubber Recycling show that tire exports to India from the UK remain as high as they have ever been, if not higher. Peter Taylor of the Tire Recovery Association had argued that the volume of tires destined for India had been reduced, possibly by as much as 100,000 tons per year. The balance of exports now went to alternative markets such as Turkey. Although Tire and Rubber Recycling has heard anecdotal reports of higher volumes going to Pakistan. Catch the full Tire & Rubber Recycling…

  • Spanish study on artificial turf microplastics

    Spanish study on artificial turf microplastics

    The Spanish tire sector sees 300,000 tons of end-of-life tires managed each year, of which around 75,000 tons are used as infill for artificial turf pitches. The European Commission is currently studying a proposal to restrict the use of microplastics intentionally added to the environment. Possible restrictions include the use of recycled rubber from end-of-life tires in this application, as the particle size added to artificial turf pitches is between 0.8 and 2.5 mm. The European Commission…

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