Meet Rashad and Troy, the financial powerhouses of REVOLT’s assets over liabilities


Financial advisor Rashad Bilal and educator Troy Millings have quickly become the cultural kings of financial literacy. The dynamic duo from the Bronx are on a quest to provide access to financial knowledge that the black community can use to effect real change.

They saw a dearth of information in the area of ​​financial literacy as it relates to the black community and launched the popular Earn You Leisure (EYL) podcast in January 2019. With just an iPhone, shotgun mics and the knowledge they held, the cultural shifts had a vision that led them to a level of popularity that sparked the interest of high profile celebrities such as Steve Harvey, Nick Cannon, Jemele Hill and many more.

Rashad and Troy have since become the go-to resource for financial literacy in the black community. They sat down with For(bes) The Culture to talk about how they grew their podcast and landed their TV deal with REVOLT.

Become the kings of financial literacy

The journey began 11 years ago when Millings discovered a flaw in the school curriculum. He believed that as an educator, he let students down and wanted to provide them with useful information after they left school.

“During a summer internship program in our local community, I had the opportunity to create my own program. We went out into the community and looked for people whose careers matched their future goals. They were paid based on their performance during their Because they were so young, those were some of their first encounters with money My goal was to teach children the value of money , how to spend it, share it, invest it and save it,” says Millings.

Bilal’s financial career was just beginning at the time. Millings sought the opportunity to bring him in to teach. He devised a plan in which he wrote the lessons while Bilal served as the face of space. After a few years of establishing his bearings in the game, Bilal began writing his own lesson plans.

“It became a partnership in a sense. Rashad taught me more about finance and I had the opportunity to teach him how to be an educator,” says Millings.

Creation of Earn Your Leisure

Bilal got the idea for the EYL podcast from a colleague who had become very influential in the world of social media. People were intrigued by her teaching technique after she started filming her class. Bilal was eager to follow his example. He was motivated to start recording his classroom sessions. Soon after, he started doing radio shows and podcasts to provide additional information.

As Bilal increased his social media presence, he started reporting on sports and entertainment, which was not happening in the community at the time. Millings adds, “People kept noticing him on podcasts and radio shows. They started asking him if he had a podcast because they wanted to know more. It was the spark that helped start Earn your leisure. “

Early on, the two realized they had created something special. Since financial literacy is an issue rarely discussed in the black community, they recognized an opportunity. By locating experts in various fields and reviewing their businesses, they demonstrated to the rest of the world what was possible for them with the right knowledge.

“In a way, I feel like we turned into a cross between a hair salon and a conference room – we were comfortable in any situation and could chat with anyone. anyone. We started getting comments and posts on social media, and a few of our posts went viral. A story on Amazon went viral, and we covered it. Plus, we got a real estate interview with MG the Mortgage Guy, we talked about his 4, 3, 2, 1 method, in which he suggested buying a house to rent out and then using the money to buy your next house, which is went viral. These things became the basis of our show,” says Millings.

From podcast to TV

Derek Ferguson, then president of REVOLT, was the guest of the Earn your leisure podcast in 2019. Ferguson learned that the duo had a larger goal for EYL, which included network television.

“Derek said we got so hot REVOLT should come get us. This showed when they approached us about developing a show based on Assets Over Liabilities and interviewing artists around it, after we established a decent buzz for ourselves. They sent an offer, then the pandemic hit, halting everything – but held steady. During this time, we created Market Mondays, an investment-focused show that helped consumers with their decision-making process. We continued to grow and REVOLT approached us again to do the show,” Millings recounts.

REVOLT CEO Detavio Samuels and CBO Deon Graham were instrumental in securing the deal. Assets Over Liabilities returned to REVOLT for a second season — April 18, 2022 — after two successful years with the network. The show follows the daily lives of business-savvy artists and offers insight into the business and financial aspects of operations.

“The response has been fantastic and we’re excited to continue adding value to our community,” said Millings.

The new season

Financial powerhouses sit down with everyone from tech moguls to entrepreneurs to artists and everything in between. When it comes to guest appearances, Bilal adds that personality and history are the deciding factors among the gentlemen and their team.

According to Millings, they focus a lot on the right questions because they use it as a learning platform not only for their audience but for themselves. Bilal says this season will be a bit more introspective in order to keep listeners intrigued and engaged.

“This season, our guests aren’t just talking about their career successes; they’re going into the details of their personal and professional missteps. We’re peeling back some layers and diving into stories most have never heard. I think so people are really going to enjoy this season,” Bilal shares.

Millings adds that the platform is evolving into a place where people can voice real pain points without being criticized. “Most people want to hear about the product or song you’re about to release when they see artists or influencers. And our perspective is a little different. We want to know exactly what’s in it. took to get here? What were the business mistakes? What were the business benefits and lessons you learned from dealing with these situations?”

The goal of Season 2 is to help people practice some of the ideas and principles discussed on the show. Another important thing is making sure their guests understand that their platform is a safe environment where they can feel comfortable and valued by their peers.

“By allowing our guests to be vulnerable, they provide a better interview and provide more information to our audience,” adds Millings.

AEL University

The EYL Podcast has now become a companion to the creation of EYL University, which was created to provide a platform for fans to learn more.

“We viewed the podcast as a form of public education. Although it was available for free on YouTube and on all devices, some users wanted more. EYL University quickly established itself as a place where people with comparable situations and objectives could come together and receive it all started there, and now we have more than 8,000 learners”, expresses Bilal.

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