Louisiana State’s Complete Annual Financial Report Reveals Unresolved Gaps



BATON ROUGE – A recent analysis from the Louisiana Legislative Auditor’s office found that some government programs have been slow to resolve issues related to mismanagement of funds.

The report is part of the state of Louisiana’s comprehensive annual financial report, according to auditors. He updated previous findings regarding the inadequate collection of Homeowner Assistance Program (HAP) grants and Small Rental Property Program (SRPP) loans, showing that these issues remain unresolved.

According to the report, the Division of Administration, Office of Community Development (OCD), Disaster Recovery Unit identified $ 38,359 in non-compliant HAP allocations for two owners through post-allocation follow-up, while 27,932 non-compliant cases totaling $ 930.6 million identified in previous years was still pending.

OCD also identified $ 34.2 million in SRPP loans for 321 landowners who did not comply with one or more of the requirements of their loan agreement and were assigned to loan collection status, while 916 loans not. Compliant identified in previous years totaling $ 80.2 million remained unpaid.

The auditors also found that the Office of Finance and Support Services submitted inaccurate annual financial reports for the Division of Administration (DOA) and the Office of Technology Services (OTS) for fiscal year 2020.

On top of that, the DOA did not thoroughly review non-payroll Coronavirus Relief Fund refunds for the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services – Corrections.

The auditors go on to say that the statewide Office of Reporting and Accounting Policy did not have adequate controls over changes to vendor records; OTS lacked adequate IT security controls and lacked agency-supported data recovery functions; and the Louisiana Federal Property Assistance Agency did not have written policies and procedures in place for the Fixed Price Vehicle Program.

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