Kerala government should stop viewing endosulfan-affected people as financial liabilities, activities say The New Indian Express


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KASARGOD: Governments are practicing Goebbels political principles by repeatedly denying justice and hope to endosulfan survivors expecting them to get used to their plight, says social activist Sanjay Mangala Gopal and National Coordinator of the National Alliance of Popular Movements.

He said he was surprised that endosulfan survivors are still protesting for treatment centers and compensation, given that the CPM-led LDF government has won two successive elections in Kerala.

“But the government must know that we know our rights and we will not beg but we will fight for them,” he said in Kasaragod on Tuesday.

Gopal was speaking after inaugurating a ‘Solidarity Convention’ organized by the State Solidarity Committee to decide how to press the government to implement the Supreme Court judgment on compensation for endosulfan and provides regular treatment to survivors.

On a petition filed by the DYFI, the Supreme Court in January 2017 ordered the state government to give Rs 5 lakh each to all endosulfan survivors in three months, and also consider setting up recovery centers. palliative care to provide survivor care with lifelong medical care. conditions.

After five years, 55% of the 6,728 survivors have not received any money.

Only 1,442 people, or 21% of the survivors, got the meager compensation of Rs 5 lakh, as ordered by the Supreme Court.

On two occasions, survivors filed contempt petitions against the state government in the Supreme Court.

“If it was an ordinary man, they would have been behind bars for contempt of court. Why is the chief minister not behind bars? Why is there special treatment? ” said Gopal.

The government has killed mankind and humans by spraying endosulfan from the sky without taking permission from the people. “The land, water and air belong to the people. The aerial spraying of endosulfan was a violation of fundamental rights… You (the government) killed our hopes and our future,” he said. .

He said officials have the courage to treat endosulfan survivors like worms because politicians are corrupt.

Congressman Rajmohan Unnithan said the state government was bound to implement the Supreme Court judgment.

The chief minister, like Dhritarashtra, the blind king Kuru, started his election campaign by hugging endosulfan survivors, he said. But after coming to power, he forgot about them, Unnithan said.

The people of Kasaragod are forced to demonstrate to reconvene the endosulfan cell, appoint its president, they must demonstrate for specialist doctors such as neurologists, nephrologists and cardiologists, and the hospitals in the district have been reduced to “reference hospitals,” he said, sarcastically twisting his meaning.

“Their only job is to refer patients who come to them to hospitals in Kannur and Mangaluru,” the MP said.

Unnithan said the government should explain why Kasaragod was not being considered for AIIMS and why it prefers Kozhikode, which already has six tertiary care hospitals, including an established medical school.

In awarding compensation to endosulfan survivors, the government still has an outstanding commitment of Rs 217.07 crore to keep. “He has no money for the endosulfan survivors, but he has enough for K-Rail, which is of no use to the people,” Unnithan said.

Munisa Ambalathara, chairwoman of Endosulfan Peethitha Janakeeya Munanni, said the government should stop viewing endosulfan survivors as an “additional financial liability”.

“They are the victims of government policies,” she said.

After 10 years, the government gave Kasaragod a medical school that lacked the facilities of a PHC, she said.

In protest, the government appointed a neurologist to the outpatient clinic of Ukkinadka Medical Faculty. “But the situation hasn’t gotten worse for the survivors,” she said.

Now patients have to travel to Ukkinada because Kasaragod now officially has a government neurologist, she said.

“But when he prescribes an MRI or an EG test, the patients will have to come to Kanhangad and get permission from the district program officer to travel to Mangalauru in Kannur for the test,” she said.

In Pariyaram the machine may not work and in Mangaluru patients are asked to take RT-PCR tests before they can undergo a CT scan, she said. “The life of poor families has become a torture after the neurologist was appointed to the medical school without facilities,” she said.

Government apathy could be gauged from how around 50 houses built for endosulfan survivors by Sri Sathya Sai Orphanage Trust, Kerala, are disused despite many families living in rented houses, it said. she declared.


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