GE Digital’s new Accelerator product line to support asset-intensive energy industries


GE Digital announced its new Accelerator product line, adding software tools to help companies in asset-intensive energy sectors quickly set up asset performance management (APM) and other offerings. GE’s digital accelerators are designed to enable faster ROI, extend APM to a wider range of assets, and help companies realize financial value both in their facilities and across the enterprise .

GE Digital’s premier set of accelerators includes an extensive library of predictive analytics, asset management strategies, and industry-standard integrity and reliability processes. These can be applied across the entire energy value chain, from oil and gas to power generation – ranging from renewables such as wind and solar, to gas power. more traditional and nuclear generation assets. Using advanced predefined product configurations, companies can effectively implement enterprise-level asset reliability and performance programs, integrating high-priority actionable insights into day-to-day work. Plus, they’re designed to augment the power of APM with health monitors, analytics, asset maintenance strategies, and business process workflows. Accelerators are designed and built with energy industry expertise and best practices from GE Digital’s innovative architects, engineers and technology partners.

“The energy industry is changing rapidly and businesses need to deploy and gain insights from software at faster speeds than ever before,” said Linda Rae, general manager of GE’s Power Generation and Oil & Gas business. Digital. “Digital tools and automation are essential. We designed the Accelerator Portfolio to accelerate APM development, configuration, and optimization. For example, asset strategy accelerators can eliminate thousands of resource hours to develop asset strategies and processes in the oil and gas industry.

Energy companies have been using asset management practices for decades on the most critical equipment, ensuring high availability to meet the demands of their customers. The increasing complexity and scale of industrial facilities, along with the need for market flexibility, requires applying asset performance practices to a much wider range of equipment, using more advanced digital technologies. The accelerators will help energy companies expand their asset management processes without consuming additional time and resources to create custom configurations and condition monitoring techniques.

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