Ethiopia: #newsalert – Amhara Prosperity Party relieves its members for breaching financial and asset management regulations


Addis Ababa – Following a letter written by Amhara Prosperity Party (APP) member Tsega Arage to the Prosperity Party (PP) Monitoring and Inspection Commission, APP published today today a statement announcing her decision to relieve the members of the party whom she accuses of having violated the rules of financial and patrimonial management of the party during the management of loans.

The six-page letter from Tsega Arage, who is also commissioner of the Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, revealed a litany of statute irregularities within the ruling Prosperity Party, including violations of its procedures of poor financial and patrimonial management such as the loan of the party. mechanisms to party members, and violations of national election laws by failing to convene the general assembly, among others. Tsega also accused the APP branch management of dividing party funds amounting to ETB 60 million, as well as illegal disbursements of party funds amounting to more than ETB 100 million. . According to him, this was due to the fact that the Central Committee of the PP had not convened and approved the annual budget of the party for the current financial year.

The office of the Amhara Prosperity Party said today that it has set up a long-term loan scheme for its leaders and employees by negotiating with financial institutions. However, this practice of the party’s financial and asset management system has been violated. The decision-making and performance of work has also been proven to be against party rules and procedures, the APP said. As a result, the party demanded that the money taken in the name of the loans be repaid unconditionally with interest, and that the leaders and staff who took out the loans be relieved of their responsibilities effective today, March 04. However, the party did not mention the names of the officials to be relieved.

He warned that people who do not comply with the procedure will be held accountable under the law, the party said. This verification and decision-making process is based on party rules and regulations and has been approved by the Audit Supervision and Inspection Commission, APP said, adding that the regional coordination committee has also investigated the matter and made the decision. Details will be made public to all party members and leaders in accordance with party hierarchy and internal procedures, APP said.


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