Elden Ring DLC ​​could be suggested by the financial report


A recent financial report from FromSoftware’s parent company potentially indicates that Elden Ring will likely receive downloadable content in the future.

While Ring of Elden The DLC is still not officially announced, recent statements from FromSoftware’s parent company, Kadokawa Corporation, suggest that such a project could be in the works. As a new FromSoftware game with a narrative that George RR Martin played a big part in creating, Ring of Elden pretty quickly became one of the most anticipated games of all time. Once the reviews hit and fans got their hands on it, it took on a life of its own.

One of many calls from Ring of Elden focused on giving players the freedom to pick up the game however they wanted. There are a surprisingly large number of bosses that are optional but offer attractive rewards. Fans even drew maps of Ring of Elden, and the results are incredibly small compared to the vast world that FromSoftware has given players the opportunity to explore. This and the game’s impressive enemy designs are probably two of the game’s most commendable elements, according to many. Much chatter then spawned that already concerns Ring of Elden as Game of the Year nominee at this year’s Game Awards.


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However, Ring of EldenThe journey as a game might be far from over. In Kadokawa’s financial reports, an FAQ question asks about the expected sales of Ring of Eldenand the answer actually started speculating about possible DLC (via PlayStation Lifestyle). Multiplayer DLC rumors swirled after modders unlocked arenas and coliseums in Ring of Elden which could be used for PvP game. However, the financial report does not go into detail about the nature of any future Ring of Elden content, simply stating that FromSoftware and Kadokawa are “consider a number of measures to help customers continue to benefit from this title.

elden ring radagon boss battle masterpiece

While this statement may just hint at further fixes and updates, it definitely leaves the door open for possible DLC. Ring of Elden DLC is already a highly anticipated release although it hasn’t been officially announced. There is already a player who beats Ring of Eldenthe toughest boss every other day until a DLC is announced, showing just how dedicated and enthusiastic fans of the game are. These fans have also dedicated themselves to extensively modifying the game, creating beautiful fan art, and spending hundreds of hours experiencing everything the game has to offer.

While the dark souls the games have many followers, Ring of Elden seems to be attracting the attention of a wider audience of gamers who may not have been particularly interested in dark souls‘ gameplay but are captivated by Ring of Eldenworld building and storytelling. Even the richest person in the world, Elon Musk, revealed his Ring of Elden personage. All of this only comes months after the game’s release, and with Ring of Elden DLC potentially on the way, its audience will only grow in dedication and numbers.

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