Delayed delivery of GPPC’s financial statement report –



By Binta Jaiteh

The National Assembly’s Public Enterprises Committee for Printing and Publishing Cooperation in The Gambia postponed the submission of the financial statement and activity report, for the fiscal year ended 31st December 2019 intended for submission on the 26the February 2021 for final presentation and review.

Hon.Halifa Sallah, chairman of the committee, said that there is a constitutional mandate, article (175) of the constitution which makes it mandatory and paragraph (4) the establishment of a committee to oversee the activities of public enterprises with a view to making them accountable to the National Assembly.

“In doing so, the committee is charged with the responsibility of promoting the effectiveness, efficiency and transparency of all public enterprise enterprises. And to exercise its responsibility, subsection (5) requires public enterprises to submit an annual report to the National Assembly on their business operations for the previous year within three months of the end of the fiscal year ”

In essence, he said, then all SOEs before the 31stst March of each year must submit a report on their operations and activities for the previous year. He added

According to him, when we start the 2017 work, this committee, under the new legislature, experiences the backlog of the activity report and the financial statement and takes note of article (160) paragraph (1c ) of the constitution which obliges the Auditor General to include the accounts of public enterprises in the presentation of the Auditor General’s annual audit report.

For this reason, they make sure to make it a main goal to end the backlog, it is on this basis that we started to engage the public enterprises to end this backlog.

“We have set a deadline by which all reports dealing with 2019 must be submitted so that we can report to the plenary on the country’s two state-owned enterprises and proceed to review the current agreement. “

With this in mind, he said that we have started to involve all institutions and firmly inform them that they have to submit an updated report.

He urged all institutions to cooperate and submit their reports.

However, he added that GPPC is a key national printing cooperation, the cooperation is established to commercially print and publish materials for or on behalf of government, state-owned enterprises, distribute and market books and other materials of reading for schools, higher education institutions and the general public.

Momodou Ceesay, general manager of GPPC informed the committee that the financial statement for the year 2019 of GPPA is not yet finalized, it is still with the auditors.

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