Chancellor’s Financial Statement | NUDE


Commenting on Jeremy Hunt’s financial statements, Kevin Courtney, Joint Secretary General of the National Education Union, said:

“After completely discrediting itself in the eyes of the world, this chaotic administration continues.

“Families now face uncertainty about their fuel bills after April. The mini budget has increased the cost of mortgages and it will be even harder for families to make ends meet. Child poverty rates will continue to rise. And for schools, uncertainty is growing There are no guarantees beyond the initial six-month period for the energy support plan We need urgent clarity to plan and prepare.

“The suggestion that further cuts need to be made across all departments will alarm school and college leaders. There is already a severe funding crisis due to soaring energy costs and unpaid salary bonuses. funded, so the Secretary of Education must do everything in his power to protect the funding.

“Our members have told us that there is a will to strike over wages. Teachers have lost 20% of their salaries in real terms since 2010, and for support staff a staggering 27%. This n “is not a sustainable situation. Teachers and support staff have been forced to take pay cuts in real terms during good and bad economic times. We cannot see this historic cycle continue. If this government values ​​the education, it must also value educators.




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