Balabhaskar had no financial liabilities, says his wife Lekshmi | Balabhaskar | CBI



Thiruvananthapuram: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has opened its investigation into the accident that resulted in the deaths of violinist Balabhaskar and his daughter.

A CBI team led by DYSP TP Ananthakrishnan recorded statements from Balabhaskar’s wife, Lekshmi, his brother Prasad and his mother Omanakumari. The statements of Father CK Unni of Balabhaskar and his mother Santhakumari will be recorded on Wednesday.

Lekshmi reiterated his statement that driver Arjun was driving the vehicle when the accident took place.

Lekshmi also said that Vishnu Somasundaram and Prakash Thambi were not the directors of Balabhasker and that Prakasan used to organize his musical concerts. She added that Vishnu and Balabhaskar had known each other from school.

Lekshmi also said that they met Latha, who runs an Ayurvedic hospital in Palakkad, at a concert and that Balabhasker then went to his hospital once for treatment. Balabhaskar had no financial relationship with Latha other than once loaning him money.

Balabhaskar had no financial liabilities and did not entrust anyone with the management of his money, Lekshmi told the officers.

Lekshmi recounted that Arjun and Balabhasker got out of the vehicle for juice when they reached Kollam on the night of the accident. However, it was Arjun who drove the car after that, she said.

Lekshmi remembered that the vehicle had made a sharp turn and his forehead had hit something. However, she does not remember anything that happened afterward.



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