Bairong Inc. to Approve Interim Financial Statements at Next Board Meeting on August 25



BEIJING, July 29, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Bairong Inc (“Bairong” or “the Company”, 6608.HK), a leading independent AI-powered technology platform in China, announced that a Council meeting will be officially held on Wednesday 25 August to approve the unaudited interim results of the company for the half-year ended June 30, 2021.

The Board confirms that the operations of the Company remain normal and has full confidence in the prospects for the future development of the Company. As of the date of the announcement, the Board is not aware of any change in the regulatory regime or in the business ecosystem that could have a significant negative impact on the Company’s business outlook.

In the first half of 2021, Bairong rapidly developed its activity with technological breakthroughs through its Indra platform, and optimized its initiatives and investments in six categories described in its very first ESG report. At the same time, the Company recently entered into commercial partnerships with from China Nanyang Commercial Bank, Blogis Capital, China Eastern Finance, Hankou Bank and Dongfeng Motor Finance to provide cloud-based data analysis services in risk management and supply chain finance.

Harnessing the power of data analytics capabilities, AI risk management technology and their collective industry experience, Bairong and its partners are ushering in a prosperous future for the aviation, banking, banking, logistics and automotive, with a wide range of application scenarios:

  • Since a number of regulatory and online product requirements cannot be fully met using traditional risk management methods, Nanyang Commercial Bank has chosen to work with Bairong to establish its own platform. localized form of personal financial risk management and create your own risk management model.
  • Dongfeng Motor Finance has partnered with Bairong to support its needs in the digital transformation of automotive finance, as the traditional modes of batch processing and near-real-time processing of traditional risk management are no longer able to mitigate the financial risks incurred.
  • Blogis Capital uses the services of Bairong to implement financial business models in the transformation of the traditional logistics industry to meet the financing needs of small and medium-sized supply chain companies.
  • China Eastern Finance seeks to promote the development of industrial chain finance and build a new integrated industrial finance ecosystem.
  • Hankou Bank promotes its online and digital lending business using financial technology services from Bairong’s supply chain.

In recent years, Bairong has set up an “industry + technology + finance” ecosystem. By building a bridge to achieve the precise match between supply and demand of inclusive finance players using its leading ‘C + B’ financial technology platform, Bairong effectively connects capital and assets through data, asset and platform empowerment. After years of experience in logistics, Bairong has also leveraged its innovative supply chain financial service model to establish agreements with partners in dozens of industries, including textiles, large-scale products. consumption, steel, plastics, agriculture and rural development to tap the potential of hundreds of billions of dollars of capital.

In the future, Bairong will continue to leverage its expertise in data analysis to innovate and promote the upgrading of traditional industries. The Company will use its partnerships as an opportunity to improve its capabilities to prevent and manage financial risks in the supply chain through continuous innovation of its products and services, all in order to contribute to the digital transformation of the industry and promote the development of the real economy.

About Bairong Inc.

Founded in March 2014, Bairong is a leading independent AI-based technology platform in China serving more than 4,800 financial service provider clients. Bairong was the largest independent provider of financial big data analytics solutions in China by revenue in 2019. Adhering to the mission of empowering each financial service provider in China With intelligent and comprehensive data analytics, Bairong has built a cloud-native technology platform that supports the full business cycle of FSP clients, including pre-loan risk management, post-loan monitoring, risk management NPL and insurance risk management, enabling them to reduce exposure to fraud and improve their risk management effectiveness. Bairong also provides big data marketing and distribution services that enable FSP customers to reach and serve their target customers more efficiently.

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