Afghanistan Cricket Board could incur financial debts of over US$10 million for prematurely canceling the 2019 PLA


It has come to light that there were allegations of misconduct by a few ACB officials and stakeholders in the previous league and the same is being investigated with the ICC, ACU.

APL final. (Image credit: Twitter)

In what could pose a major embarrassment to Afghanistan and its cricketing entities, the Afghanistan Cricket Board prematurely cancels the APL, Season 2 poses a serious threat to the Cricket Board of incurring legal and financial liabilities to the tune of over 10 million US dollars. $(78.2500000 APN).

There had been speculation over the current CEO, with Mr Lutfullah having terminated the contract with Indian company Snixer Sports without consulting other board members. Speaking to one of ACB’s board members, who declined to be named, he said no communications were sent to any stakeholder or team owner prior to the termination. .

He further stated that it was unwise to cancel the league without considering the commercial and legal implications. If team owners and stakeholders sue ACB, we won’t even be able to fund our legal costs. Our sources with ACB confirm that Snixer Sports has already sent a legal notice to ACB regarding their action to which ACB has yet to respond.

It can also prove fatal for the release of players’ contracts and for their future in cricket. Speaking to one of the senior officials at Snixer Sports, it was learned that there were allegations of misconduct by a few ACB officials and stakeholders in the previous league and the same did under investigation with ICC, ACU.

“We have sought clarification from the ICC, ACU and have been informed that the investigation is still ongoing. the ACU to set the record straight We fail to understand how ACB can be so reckless to end the league without any justification and on unfounded attributions.

“Our talks are continuing and we understand that the same has been done with procedural discrepancies. We have suffered huge losses due to such unlawful termination and we will take appropriate legal steps to recover them should our talks are not coming to fruition. Afghanistan and its cricket-loving people have been looking forward to the league and it has been a huge disappointment for them as well.

APL 2019 could take place if internal ACB issues are settled

Meanwhile, there is huge unrest among all stakeholders over ACB’s action, which could lead to a lengthy legal battle for the Afghanistan Cricket Board against Snixer and existing business stakeholders. The drama still unfolds on the speculations of the APL – II season happening one way or another if ACB’s internal matters are sorted out.

For a relatively new cricket association in a sporting nation that has only recently begun to win international accolades in cricket, this episode may prove extremely fatal for the scope and future of the sport in Afghanistan. The Afghanistan Cricket Board recently decided to engage the office of the Attorney General of Afghanistan over irregularities within the board.

Sport means a lot to the people of Afghanistan and over the past few years the country has produced many internationally renowned players. With all of these things at stake, ACB’s liability can cause permanent damage to the country’s finances and reputation on the international stage.

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